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Shipping A Shorkie 

Finding a Reputable shorkie breeder

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What about Shipping Shorkie Puppies

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Some shorkie puppy breeders say they have imperial shorkie puppies, then send them home at 6-8 weeks old. In our opinion the smaller the shorkie the longer their human family needs to wait for him or her to join the family. There are a lot of breeders that just want to get the puppy gone, no matter how young they are, or if they are ready to join their new family.


If a shorkie breeder says they have imperial shorkie puppies at 6-8 weeks they should only weight 12 oz or less. NO puppy should be taken from the breeder at that weight unless they are at least 16 weeks old.


In our opinion a shorkie should NOT be sent home before 10 weeks and weighing at least 1 1/2 to 2lbs. Most importantly the shorkie puppy should be winged very well and has been eating on their own for a few weeks.

If shorkie puppies are sent home when they are ready they do not stress as much. Because they are ready to join their new family. When dealing with a shorkie breeder make sure they have the best interest of the shorkie in mind and not just getting him/her gone.

Flying a shorkie puppy can be done safely, if done in the correct way. The fist thing the breeder needs to make sure is that the shorkie puppy is ready to go home. Have they been winged a while? Dose the shorkie puppies eat on their own? Dose the shorkie puppy still nurse on the mom at all? Has the shorkie puppies had any shots? If so how many? Have they been wormed? If so how often?


Shorkie puppies are loving, shorkie puppies are sweet, shorkie puppy give me kiss's, shorkie puppies are great family dogs, we have fun in the sun with our shorkie puppies.

There are lots of airlines that will fly shorkie puppies home.



When some breeders advertise shorkie puppies they put ads under shih tzu mix puppies or yorkie mix puppies for sale. Some breeders put ads in the paper for shorkie puppies, they list them under mix breed dogs for sale. Some breeders do F 2 or 2nd generation shorkie puppies. Some breeders breed a shorkie back to a shih tzu or a shorkie back to a yorkie. There are some breeders that breed shorkie to a shorkie to make a F1 shorkie puppy